"Women are obsessed with passion, love is unknown to them": true or an exaggeration?

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 Female soul - always a mystery. But not only to others, and sometimes to its owner. She may wonder their behavior in a given situation, this "storm" passionate emotions it covers. But is it true the allegation that women are obsessed with passion and love is unknown to them?

Women - being very emotional. Only rare representatives can have a calm, "male" character, and sometimes even to remain indifferent to any events. Most of them simply can not imagine their life without the expression of feelings: words, gestures, facial expressions - all comes into play, if they like something or, on the contrary, is underwhelming. In this woman's mood changes sometimes several times a day. But does this mean that such passionate not capable of love? Intractable question, the answer can only give the woman herself, think about it.

And it's not that the fair sex are not able to experience the real, strong feelings, and that the characters and life stories are different. For example, the girl gave a loved one. It would seem that this is possible through. But it could be that all her inner world turned at this point. Therefore, it has become a reserved man, to deny the existence of love. And it is possible that the chance to change the view appears. In this case, we can conclude that in the circumstances in the future it will become the love of the unknown, or rather did not want her to feel this feeling - because it is associated with pain.

Although there is another type of women - too windy. Such change men as "gloves" constancy them unfamiliar. Serious relationships mean nothing to them, the maximum that can like "butterfly" - it is an easy, short-lived affection. Here, of course, I may use the expression, they are obsessed with the passion and the heart is silent.

Another option - a woman who really can feel the love and tremendous forces. They are ready to love in spite of everything, forgive everything and go for the object of desire "on the edge of the world." They have the ability to bring their feelings through all trials and tribulations, any distance and time. Many women a gift given by nature, and in some it is "open" when they learn about another love - parent.

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