What to do with jealousy?

What to do with jealousy?
 In jealousy there is something interesting, attracting, but only when there is no scandal and hurtful accusations. Accusations of human in some acts related to treason, should make you feel guilty, not frustration and anger. Jealousy within reasonable limits - is quite normal, implying the feeling of ownership.

People get jealous, feeling self-doubt. There is a tendency to exaggerate, anxiety complexes. Jealousy is often manifested in a person who himself is inclined to polygamy, when he realizes that he could not afford to do something like that, what causes jealousy and expects the same from another person. It is likely that jealous in the past had a rough life filled with multiple partners at one time.

In manic jealous partner in any move toward their interests taken as an attempt betrayal that provokes rapid scandal. Sometimes partners are jealous of the past, reminding of the former family life, which is very detrimental to the relationship. Therefore, the new attitude of life must begin again.

If jealousy crossed all boundaries, and for a normal life is no space left, it is necessary to seek help from a psychologist. Specialist will help get rid of all complexes, to overcome fear and to improve relations, but the psychologist need assistance from the jealous.

Before you ask for help, do not disassemble the problem puts on the shelves. Are partner gives rise to jealousy, is there any proof of his infidelity? If such cases were, to deal with jealousy meaningless.

Jealous must put yourself in the partner and to think that he would do if he was treated with such suspicion. This will cause to reconsider their actions and change their attitude.

It will not hurt to pick up a convenient time to talk peace with the second half, talk calmly about their feelings and allow to dispel doubts. Need to believe in a loved one, believe in yourself, because relationships are built on trust. In most cases, unfounded jealousy, and it is not necessary to exhaust yourself and your partner speculation.

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