Silence of the Lambs: when it is better to leave the words to yourself

Silence of the Lambs: when it is better to leave the words to yourself
 In the heat of family quarrels in the course are all ways to defend their views. In the excited state of the rare people can completely control their emotions so often turns out later that it was better to be silent than to speak. There are a number of stereotyped phrases that are not worth articulate man, even in the midst of conflict.
 Firstly, do not categorically compare with a partner or friends, appealing to the fact that they are more successful. To stimulate higher earnings phrase that a neighbor is much higher income, is unlikely to succeed, while engender complexes about their own insignificance - easily.

Secondly, during the quarrels can not upbraid failures in bed. Hear that lover of his so-so, it will be unpleasant to anyone.

Even the most liberal-minded partner, normally relating to an open relationship, do not need to talk about your past relationships. Despite the fact that the preservation of virginity today, is not a prerequisite of a successful marriage, deep down, every man wants to be the second half belonged only to him. Phrases of similar experience on the love front necessarily be stored. They can give rise to jealousy or be a cause for pangs during fights.

Not the best topic for conversation - faults and mistakes of his parents. And let the mother-in-law absolutely not, it remains for the spouse mom, so hear phrases rough against her son will be just unpleasant.

If there are no forces to remain silent, you should at least look up words. They can be very hurt, so it is best to avoid categorical forms. For example, the insulting word "fool" can be replaced by a failure to understand the obvious things. This attitude will allow the partner to rely on reciprocal respect. If time does not stop, then eventually you can spoil any, even the most perfect relationship.

Silent well in many cases, that's why adage that silence - gold. It makes a person wiser and allows pause. And in some cases, when the mind is not any good, it's better not to talk at all.

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