Loneliness as a verdict?

Loneliness as a verdict?
 Why are some women who, it would seem, nothing prevented arrange their personal lives, remain single? While others of the fair sex, with a much more modest external and career data, successfully married and happily married.
 The reasons for this sad phenomenon varied. A woman, for example, could be very high demands on the potential elect. In her eyes he had to have all imaginable and unimaginable virtues - a sort of a prince on a white horse. But since these men are very few (as, indeed, the perfect woman), dreams remain dreams.

Or, for example, a woman consciously decided not to rush constrain take the vows. Say, this is not the old days, these days the main thing - to make a career move up the career ladder, and there will be about a family to think about. And make a career without being distracted by the device personal life, and then suddenly remember late: at work better nowhere, but the potential husbands something still to be seen.

Sometimes the woman herself put on a cross if she is shy, reserved by nature. So difficult for people to give communication with the opposite sex. And men very often take a restraint of arrogance that does not help tying dating and understanding.

Common cause of loneliness - failed romance or marriage. It can leave such unpleasant memories of a woman, especially impressionable that it will experience an instinctive fear at the thought that the subsequent will be even worse.

So what do these women for loneliness - it is their destiny, a sentence? Naturally there is not! In no case do not despair, assume that you have in your life do not shine. So many examples, as a woman, even in very advanced age finds happiness. We only need to put the necessary effort and perseverance. Especially in the era of the Internet to find the half is much easier than it was a few decades ago. Now, instead, will be like good old heroine of the film "Lonely Woman Seeks Lifetime" hang around the city such announcements, you need to register on numerous dating sites. And then everything is in your hands!

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