"It's all your fault! "Forwarding or failure

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 Any person can not only exaggerate their advantages and disadvantages to diminish, but also to shift the responsibility on someone else's shoulders. What can you do psychologically very difficult to admit they were wrong. But it is important to bias, prejudice did not take extreme forms corresponding to the adage, "fell off the blame on others." Alas, such extreme typical of many the fairer sex.

Women tend to blame men in virtually all their troubles, problems and failures. Paradoxically, those same ladies who vehemently argue that they are in no way inferior to men, in such cases, willingly appear in the image of helpless fragile martyrs, victims of male selfishness (variants: "stupidity", "greed," "indifference", " hardness, "etc.).

At work, continuous failure! And all because of you! Would be kind, caring, I would not have allowed a mistake in calculations, not a fight to the customer!

Go to the sea in Turkey? Well, what is good? Nadya even ashamed to tell, it's the rest of the Maldives, and Barbados! Here you would like Nadkin husband.

We live in a two bedroom apartment? And she asks - in a country cottage! Oh, if you were as faithful Svetkin.

And so on. A woman was attacked itch "charges" can not stop. Poor husband will remember everything and failed career ("Because you work with is gone!"), And "broke" the figure ("Before the birth was - at least on the cover of a fashion magazine, and now I want to cry"), and quarrels with relatives. Where is the way out of this situation? It's so close to the break-up.

A woman should think: she appears in the role of the non-commissioned officer's notorious that "flogged herself." Claims as ridiculous and absurd that above it simply will laugh. A few people like to expose themselves to ridicule.

After birth, the figure has deteriorated? It is a pity, of course, but many women are willing to pay a price for the happiness of motherhood. And unless the child was unwanted? You'd think at conception husband tied her to the bed. Or when the child is a little older, banned diet and do gymnastics? Maybe the reason is still in our own laziness, in an uncontrollable desire to eat at night something delicious?

Two-bedroom apartment modest and intimate compared to the two-storey cottage Nadkinym? And for how many pairs she would have seemed luxurious palace! In the end, and the house looks like a shack on the background of the mansion of a tycoon.

Holidays in Turkey seems to be too modest? Perhaps his wife had forgotten how you ever lived on to pay upfront.

Very well said the great sage Confucius: "A strong and intelligent man blames his failures himself, weak and stupid - other." Do you want to be considered weak and stupid?

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