If you are jealous - so insecure

If you are jealous - so insecure
 Jealousy - feeling, "eats" a man inside. And the most frequent victims, because of their emotionality, are women. They are able to be jealous so that they can see the betrayal, even where it is not. And in this way to earn self-doubt.

Even the most wonderful relationship capable overshadow "worm of doubt", called jealousy. And most absurd is that powerless truly loving woman, think of treason. And not because she so badly wanted it, but because it is, somewhere deep in the soul, afraid of losing her man. It wakes up feeling possessive. So, awakened suspicion. She thinks that favorite hunt around the girl, and he was not against such circumstances.

Such emotions felt, perhaps, most of the female half of humanity. That's how the maiden soul - love and jealousy in it together. And maybe it would be nice. After all, increased attention to its second half could only strengthen the relationship. But ... many of the fair sex is brought to the absurd situation: read sms and e-mail messages, check the pockets of men who organize regular interrogations, hysterics, as only imagine treason. This behavior not only deters favorite generates his fatigue from the endless scandals, but also leads to the possessor of a rich fantasy of self-doubt.

If you suddenly began to notice signs of an unjustified jealousy, then make every effort to ensure that correct. First, understand that true love must be associated with confidence. Why chase the man, if you believe in reciprocity of feelings? If you're not sure, then do not waste your nerves - force it still does not hold.

Secondly, point effort in a different direction. For example, try to always look attractive and be an interesting conversationalist. The more you will have advantages, the less chance of potential rivals.

And in the end, to show pride. A woman should be aware of the fact that she is strong, smart, irresistible. So, no need to stoop to frisk pockets. A man who has chosen you to understand what a treasure he got.

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