How to stop loving and stop suffering

How to stop loving and stop suffering
 When a person falls in love, the world around him takes a completely different color. Everything becomes festive, bright, sunny. I would like to constantly smile and have fun. But sometimes it is a wonderful feeling rigidly terminated, and then anyone can get depressed. Depending on other causes suffering and torment. Of course, living in this state, to put it mildly, not very nice.  
 To begin, remember that you - the most important thing. Love yourself, and then the failure on the love front will have less worry. Go to the mirror and look into it. You probably have a lot of advantages. Try to think of it as often as possible.

Keep a diary in which daily reporting all their achievements. Praise yourself for everything you achieve in life. If the thought of a loved to haunt you, try to make your schedule more dense. The more cases and responsibilities you have, the less time you spend on unpleasant arguments. If possible, get a second job, or at least part time. Work out, get a new hobby, sign up for courses. Your task - to take all my free time.

Try not to be alone. Communicate with friends and family, get to meet new people. If you live alone, ask a loved one at a time to move in with you. If next to you will always be someone, you will keep yourself in the hands and less worry about failed love.

Receive daily positive emotions. Try to pamper yourself. Go shopping, soak in a bath with foam, see a new movie or visit the beauty salon. If you have a desire to try to implement them.

At the time, hide everything that reminds you of the object of your love. Photos, gifts and personal belongings. Not necessarily throw it (although you can do it that way), just remove all the farthest box. The time will come, and you'll be able to remember the past with a smile. And then it will be possible to get all the "beacons".

Heartache in itself will not work. So you have to daily and consistently work on themselves. Of course, when life appears nonreciprocal love, it is difficult to adequately respond to everything that has been previously familiar. But in order to stop suffering, you need to pull yourself together and start living. It can be difficult, especially at first. But find the strength to lead an active life, and then after a while all your problems are over.