How to develop a fortitude

How to develop a fortitude
 Sometimes in life there are situations: energetic, physically well-developed man, one of those about whom they say: "strong as an ox," at the first difficulty or danger coward, breaks, ready to low, dishonest. And some flimsy tihonya- "nerd", who said the big man looked with condescending contempt, on the other hand, can withstand these tests, not staggered. How Come? Yes, he really muscle was weak, but had a strong moral core, in other words - was strong in spirit. And how to develop strength of mind?
 First of all, you must understand and accept the simple truth that everyone is responsible for themselves, for their words and deeds. If you did not the best way, the more unworthy, no one but you to blame. Do not need no excuses, no shift to someone responsible, saying that persuaded, deceived, forced. Remember - you are a man, you have your head on your shoulders. Only depends on you what to say and how to act. Do not let him manipulate, do not fall for tricks and provocations such as: "You're that weak? "Or" What do you want, most of all it is necessary? »

Remember that the world is not perfect people. Any person can find advantages and disadvantages. Try to see not only what is on the surface that catches the eye. Sometimes it is necessary to understand why a person behaves in this way. It often happens that pointedly aggressive or neglectful behavior - a signal that the person is too bad that he desperately needs understanding and support. A really strong in spirit only one who is able and understand and forgive others.

In no case do not break themselves for the sake of someone else! Of course, life is not one of the black and white tones, the reality is very often necessary to consider the interests of others, go for reasonable compromises. But it is - at reasonable! Any concessions and compromises are acceptable only to a particular border. Do not give in to the rules that seem dirty, dishonest, only on the grounds that "it should be so," or "It's always been." Believe me: it is necessary only once to give up the slack, calmed his conscience argument: "Well, what if so decided," as it begins to repeat itself again and again, you rolled down an inclined plane.

Remind yourself: it's your life, your destiny, and only depends on you whether it will be tainted by something unworthy or not. Live so that you would not be ashamed nor to himself or to others, or in front of your children. And if someone your principles and lifestyle seem obscure, strange, even ridiculous - what is his problem.

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