Energy Vampires: ordered to survive

Energy Vampires: ordered to survive
 In terms of energy all people are divided into vampires and donors. Donors - eternal victim energy vampires that are simply not able to maintain their standard of living outside without makeup. Fortunately, recognize energy vampire is not too difficult. And how to protect his attacks there.

Painful, exhausting all his soul, unnerving communication with any person familiar to many. You rejoice life or just about anything do not worry, you are full of energy and cheerful, but he suddenly appears. And then like a normal conversation, but in the process you realize that now you want to be far away from this place and this man.

And so the conversation was over. Your interlocutor with porozovevshimi cheeks zablestevshimi eyes away from your light-footed, and on your shoulders as if to bear the brunt of the world. Sadness, sorrow and dull apathy rank joy evaporated. What's the matter? And anything. Just the other person - an energy vampire. And he had just dined tightly.

Each person has a different number of vital energy. Energy Vampires - are parasites with low vitality, forced to live replenish its reserves from other sources. Simply steal it from others.

If during intercourse with any person you have the feeling that your psyche attack, and you feel helpless and powerless; if the conversation is neutral, but you feel out of nowhere appeared irritation, heaping fatigue, desire to quickly get rid of the interlocutor - a sign that you are dealing with an energy vampire.

There are many ways to interact with an energy vampire without compromising health. But the best is to escape. Yes, avoidance of communication with the parasite, its exclusion from his range of interests - the best strategy behavior.

But what if the energy vampire was close to people, and avoid it not work? Try not to empathize sobbing sister, complaining about the hard life of a friend, trying to "bite" your husband.

Communicate, let's good advice, assent, but do not let emotional involvement in what is happening. Once you've set themselves up for an unpleasant conversation - down the drain.

Another method - visualization. Imagine that you are in the flow of radiant light. As in a cocoon. Feel that all the negativity coming from someone you just do not have time to cause harm, burning to the ground in the light that surrounds you. As a rule, after the application of this technique vampire quickly retreats to try their luck elsewhere.

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