Consumer psychology and hedonism

Consumer psychology and hedonism
 Moralists worry about an emerging consumer society. Marketers rejoice: now they can sell their products at exorbitant prices. And consumers themselves enjoy their habits and preferences.

Human psychology of the consumer society is quite simple and primitive. He seeks for pleasure. He likes to be the first in the consumption of the most hyped new products. Important for him prestige and public recognition.

Behind this facade of prosperity and success can hide labor sleepless nights, humiliating pleas for help to the rich relatives, bad loans.

How not to fall into the web of consumption and avoid becoming a victim of advertising? Try to understand.

The principle of reasonable hedonism

Pleasure should be no harm to the person or his entourage. Adhering to this principle, you can live in a big way without serious consequences in the form of bankruptcy. Include moderate consumption wherever possible. Be able to move resources from one source to the other costs. For example, for the sake of the beautiful dresses can be expensive to take time off from the deli. But do not go over the line and take out loans on enslaving conditions.

The principle of criticality to advertising

Advertising plays a valuable brands on human weaknesses. Do not allow advertising to manipulate you. Look for ways to express themselves not by things, but by means of their deeds and actions. Shy guys look ridiculous and expensive cars. So it's not always worth replacing social skills luxury fetishes. Sometimes it is necessary to admit: communication training is cheaper than a sports car, and the sense of it when meeting with the fair sex could be so much more.

The ability to see the true quality

Not all luxury brands offer a quality product. Some are focused on advertising and entourage purchase. And forget about quality. But you can not afford to remember it always. Even the most expensive things sewn on standard templates will sit on you is not better "rags" of the market. So why pay for the tab on the sub-standard goods? Be able to distinguish the true quality of the imposed popular brands. And then you can avoid waste of resources, but do not lose the reputation of a connoisseur of luxury.

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