Critical age for women - the state of menopause - the average starts in 52 years. It is associated with hormonal changes in the whole organism, loss of fertility. Usually, it coincides with changes in life - grown children fly away from home, parents are elderly, aging begins and the body's own women's health is deteriorating. Doctors recommend hormone therapy to slow these processes, but problems critical age can be adjusted and proper nutrition.

Pay attention to your daily diet. He is now, more than ever, must contain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals properly selected complex which can replace him even hormonal drugs.

Nutritionists advise women who are in a state of menopause, refer to the traditional and alternative medicine, which traditionally used natural ingredients that are not harmful to health. Methods that are used in them, can give the same results as the hormone but at the same time they are devoid of side effects and health risks.

Menopause every woman can manifest itself in different ways, but for all of them there are general rules of eating and nutrition, following which can significantly reduce those unpleasant effects of hormonal changes the body, which expects every woman.

The essence of this formula is reduced to the proper nutrition simple rules. Firstly, it is necessary to eat regularly three times a day. Secondly, the diet must be sufficient animal proteins that organism must receive at every meal. It must be present soy products, which helps to reduce hot flashes and prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Thirdly, the daily menu must be present vegetables and fruits. Vegetables preferably green leafy - salads, cabbage. Better use of raw with a small amount of rapeseed oil or olive oil.

Fourth, the product should be limited to facilitate the removal of calcium from the body. These primarily relates coffee, which is a potent diuretic.

Further, it should take vitamin and mineral supplements and nutritional supplements to increase calcium intake after 50 years up to 1200-1500 mg per day. And do not forget, please, about physical activity - make daily walking at a fast pace, ride a bike, visit the swimming pool. The complex of these simple recommendations will help you to easily relive those unpleasant sensations that accompany the critical age and remain still vigorous and active.

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