And I want everything at once

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 It happens that I want all at once, or anything you can not refuse. Desire to tear you to pieces. But in order to achieve something, you need to make an effort in this direction, and what to do if you like a swan, the crayfish and pike, mosques from all sides and can not choose? Necessary to determine, as at the same time on all roads pass is simply impossible.

Learn how to manage their desires and prioritize, then your dreams will be fulfilled. Moving from one target to another, you will in turn be able to realize them, but not all at once.

There are those goals that can not be achieved without focusing on them. This is normal, because when you take a step to one side, you do not step into the same time on all other fronts. To determine priorities for yourself, sometimes you need to think hard. The lack of clear intentions, the desire to achieve many things at once often indicates a lack of integrity. You do not know yourself, do not understand their true needs, if you take over everything.

They say that the desire to materialize, but it's a moot point. Similarly, we can say that this statement is true only in the sense that when you are very much want something, you can see all the way to realize their desires. You take a close look around and you will not miss any one sign that the road is open, do not miss the moment when the traffic lights green light. You will make the right move at the right time, precisely because focused on the business.

If you have any problem, and to allow her to make a choice, and you can not, because all the ways to solve it are equally dear to you, then try for a while to get out of the situation. Take a break. If a decision is required urgently, the first maximum focus and dive into the problem, and then suddenly leave its scope. This can be somewhere to go for a short while, even on a summer residence out of town for a day or two. Time spent alone and away from the oppressive situation, can tell the right decision.

Try to think about what threatens you the choice of each of the solutions. What promises to each of the options? Imagine what kind of future awaits you if you choose one of the ways. Then think for the development of the situation with a different way of solving it. Sometimes this plan allows you to clearly identify which step you should take.

There are such issues that can be solved only with the heart. You can not select, rushes from one to another? So stop, listen to your true desires. There is a way - to throw a coin. He is very efficient, as it allows to determine what desires the heart, which knows that to be preferred, and if the party falls coins, which make come true the best resolution, you will feel joy, and if the opposite - that disorder. This simple test in many situations allows to realize their true desires. It also happens that you think that I want everything, but do not really need any of it.

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