All points above the "i": a conversation with psychoanalyst

All points above the "i": a conversation with psychoanalyst
 Psychoanalytic method - treatment of the revelations, not so much by the analyst as part of the patient. This method of self-discovery and discovery in itself (insights). Only after learning the truth about his id (unconscious), a person will be able to make informed and intelligent decisions in life. Therefore, psychoanalysis has another name "technique of expansion of consciousness."

The whole method of psychoanalysis comes to the conversation between the client and psychoanalyst, aiming at the study and understanding of specialist patient and understanding of the client himself.

In this case, the method of free association. The patient, a convenient location and relaxed, says psychoanalyst all that disturbs him.

You can say everything: to talk about the past, about what is happening in the present, to share their plans and dreams, describe their dreams and fantasies, to talk about their fears and anxieties. Not a forbidden topic does not exist here. The psychoanalyst is a kind of chest with a lock that no one can open, because apart from him no one can hear the thoughts and reasoning of the patient.

On the one hand, so everyone has a natural need to utter, but the parents are taught from childhood to keep his thoughts to himself - in fact safe to say whatever comes to mind. And people keep, hide them, even from themselves. And then the adults can no longer understand themselves, their actions and the consequent problems.

At first glance, once in the consulting room, it seems that nothing will not tell. But by itself the opportunity to say everything and do not control their words already brings great relief. One has only to start, and a torrent of words pours itself, because the analyst is able to listen carefully to the person, not interrupting him.

But it is not just listening, and actively participate in a silent conversation, as the task of the analyst to create an atmosphere of free talk time without any fear and hear, understand and highlight the essence, the core of the problem situation. And then their understanding of transfer client. Yes, so pass that he himself came to this understanding, he said it out loud, and aware of their responsibility for their actions and for the fact that it will take in the future.

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