With a smile on life

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 There is nothing that affects people as sincere smile. Surely among your friends is a man who always smiles and is impossible to imagine without a smile. With a smile on life - this is the norm or effort? She brings something to life or is it just a character trait of individuals?

Scientists have proven that there is a direct dependence on the "smiling" face muscles. They affect the nerves and send a positive signal to the brain. Thus, the smiling man deeply set a positive and a positive attitude spreads into the surrounding space. Between smiling people there are certain energy field that makes it easy to resolve problems, they are pleased to talk with each other, between them may be mutual sympathy.

Ever since the days of ancient China, people learned to use simple human smile. Without it began to work in the field, trying not to open shop in the morning and smile to their customers and partners throughout the day. And all turned out! Shop brings good income, and at work people helped each other and cope with hard work together, less fatigue. Now this principle are adopting modern management. One of the main conditions for employment is a radiant smile, sometimes even without a corresponding level of education. For example, practical Japanese estimated that income schools where they work smiling sellers 30-40% more than the income of institutions, where traders do not smile. In Tokyo, there is even a real institution where research is carried out smiles, the results of which are increasingly being used in everyday life. They actively enjoy business. And by the way, all over the world.

Reliable data from survey say that most smiling people live in Denmark. Followed by America and Australia. Most interesting is that the Russians are in the list at the last place. It turns out that the Russian people do not like to smile.

In addition, smile prolongs life. And this - the absolute truth. There are even special practice inner smile that help a person stay and healthy and successful. Smile really makes any man happy, and the power of sincere smile is inexhaustible!

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