What can tell handwriting

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 Between handwriting and individual personality traits there is a link, which is engaged in the study of the science of graphology. The study of handwriting used in some areas of our lives: in employment and business, psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy, criminology and forensics.

Handwriting can determine the sex of its owner. Male hand, according to graphologists, hard, sprawling, with strong pressure, uneven, hasty, with sharp corners, often ugly and errors. Female careful handwriting, neat, rounded, flat, compact, with small lines without strong pressure, with close standing letters. Do not always coincide with the physiological floor psychological qualities of man.

In order to determine individual personality traits pay attention to the following characteristics of handwriting:

- Push - the degree of emotional person at the time of writing the text directly proportional to the pressure. Declarations of love and angry reports are written with great pressure. Text neutral content, written with great pressure, shows the love of man to demonstrate his own power;

- Tilt - the most frequent letters right on the slope of 20-30 degrees. It is characteristic of outgoing and open personality, which, however, are able to control their emotions in stressful situations. A stronger inclination to the right, up to 50-60 degrees, typical for an extremely loving individuals who prefer to put their feelings show, greedy for flattery and admiration. Slight variations of letters left characterizes the owner of the handwriting as a rational, controlling their emotions. Significant slope of letters left most common among left-handers, he suggests secrecy, combined with great sensitivity. Vertical handwriting peculiar harmonious personality, to balance emotion and restraint;

- The evenness of the rows - horizontal lines from the beginning to the end of the page is typical of a balanced person. Optimistic, motivated and highly adaptable person will give up deviation lines. Skeptic and pessimist end of the line rushes down. A man with a changeable character writes uneven, wavy lines;

 - Roundness of letters - letters of strong roundness characteristic of people who are ready to cooperate, taking the position of another person and ready to withdraw from their plans. Angular letters indicate that their author is prone to competition, ambitious, energetic and independent;

- The distance between words and lines - the value of distance is directly proportional to the generosity of the author;

- The value of the letters - written in small letters restrained people capable of high concentration of attention on running affairs. The combination of a disproportionately large caps with small capital indicates the pride of the author. A capital letters, differ little in size from capital, characteristic of the people brave enough and uncertain. Large letters give unrestrained, emotional and aggressive nature. The letters are not considered a medium-sized graphologists as an independent indication, as are very common;

- The use of printed letters - found in a letter to people who change their views;

- The presence of loops and their value - the loops have the letters "c", "d", "h", "y", "c", "w". The absence of the lower loop of the author characterizes as a man of independent thinking, does not tolerate lies, resourceful and adaptable to changing conditions. Narrow bottom tabs make people cautious, preferring a narrow circle of friends. Long wide narrow loops show that the author in the first place puts the satisfaction of their material and emotional needs.

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