Thoughts and fears that prevent you to be slim

Thoughts and fears that prevent you to be slim
 The desire to become more slender haunts many girls, but along the way they encounter so many obstacles that few reach the goal. And the main difficulty with which they struggle, it becomes a psychological barrier. This is all kinds of thoughts and fears, which enclose the way to the desired result and prevent lose weight.  

It may seem strange, but the main enemy in the fight against obesity - an excessive desire to lose weight. It would seem that this is contrary to the usual view that only a passionate faith can move mountains, and lead to the goal. However, the contradiction is only apparent.

In fact, losing weight - is not a goal but a means. Tool that will help you achieve what you really want. After all, did not just lose weight, but for some reason. Someone is trying to conform to a certain ideal, formed by society, family or themselves. Somebody hopes to be like his idol. This is a necessary correction for health. The reasons are many and they are all hidden behind the word "lose weight", which begins as a substitute target.

Forgetting about the true purpose, the girls are concentrated on the substitution. This alone clearly indicates that the final result is not satisfactory, because you go to the wrong, what were going. But here there is another psychological hurdle: misconceptions about losing weight.

Depending on your current goals, you need to choose their own individual way to achieve it. Someone will have to pay more attention to visit the gym, someone will have to make a certain diet, which will correctly balance the different foods. But all this requires a change in the first place, a way of life, not a short-term and long-term, with a high probability that a lifetime.

Losing weight is replacing the true purposes, habitually associated with diet. It seems that it is enough for two or three weeks to make fun of his own body, offering him only apples or, for example, arranging fasting days to find his dream. But in fact, if the diet and lead to weight loss, it is only for a short period, because after they throw off the pounds come back, and sometimes in larger quantities.

In addition, most diets provide results at the cost of unnecessarily large losses: they are all connected with the withdrawal from the diet products required for proper operation. Another disadvantage is the limited diet: for diet you should eat certain foods in an increase in numbers. This is true not only with respect to the mono-diet, but also to others. But the glut of nutrients does not constitute an advantage.

Other thoughts and fears that prevent weight loss, traditionally associated with social attitudes. For example, most dieters people prefer not to tell others about it. However, as a result develops a peculiar situation: colleagues and relatives see how you waive their food, with no explanation or coming up with excuses not very plausible. Conclusions they make different but equally unpleasant for you. For you can gain a foothold glory snob, picky or just not very polite person. The resulting stress impedes the process of weight loss and greatly affects the health. Someone in fear of condemnation does not waive separation meal with others, and as a result of moving away from the target, making a few steps back.

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