The art of making compliments

The art of making compliments
 If you believe the popular wisdom, the kind word and a cat is nice. And representatives of homo sapiens, constantly concerned about the opinions of others his own person, the more will be happy to hear praise. Time and place to make a compliment will help improve relations.
 Be honest. Adulation and lack of sincerity is very easy to see. So try to find the interlocutor features that really cause you to delight. Right speech, the ability to dress, good manners or sparkling sense of humor - a positive assessment deserve any human qualities. In addition, he heard a compliment, a partner will surely appreciate not only your ability to say nice words, but also attention to his person.

Stamp - no! Bored expressions, such as "looks good! "" Tsvetesh and smell! "Can cause a polite thanks. If you really want to place the interlocutor to yourself, find yourself on formulaic phrases and platitudes. Gift must be original and suitable to a specific person, but not universal, "fish" for all occasions.

Justify. Very often, people are lost, hearing the compliment, and even begin to make excuses, downplay their achievements. Therefore, a good compliment should not only describe the positive features of the interlocutor, but to answer the question "why? ". Tell us about your own feelings, emotions, experiences, using the technique of "I-messages". For example, the phrase "You are such a good conversationalist! "Should be supplemented, for example, recognize that you are no one feel so free. Do not forget to call a man by the name - this will make a compliment more personalized, friendly.

Learn more. The best way to make their praise more important - ask a friend to share the experience. For example, telling a colleague that new haircut made her extremely attractive, be sure to find the phone beauty, which she attends.

The uniqueness. Gift should be as transparent as possible. Avoid ambiguity, reservations and even mild irony. Otherwise, even the most pleasant words can be perceived as a bad joke. If you really want to hurt his interlocutor, it is better to choose another method or even abandon the idea. Otherwise, the next time in the sincerity of your words, no one will believe.

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