Psychology and joy of her absence

Psychology and joy of her absence
 A feeling of joy and happiness helps move Vered, to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to reach unprecedented heights. However, to experience the joy of a pessimist as difficult as not testing for the optimist. What are the differences between happy and unhappy?

Optimism is an innate feature of each person. All children come into this world happy, and only then because of the nature and impact of external ones lose this ability, while others no matter what the circumstances do not lose a positive view of the world. Strong, self-sufficient people are not evil. Such traits as sarcasm, anger, rudeness generated no more than a feeling of fear, desire to prove myself and show others their importance in society. Self-confidence - one of the key points to achieve harmony. Man endowed with this quality, visible to the naked eye. He is calm and polite, listens others, has its own point of view, is not dependent on external assessments. With such a head of the working team of blooms in the home relatives and friends can always rely on him. Self-confidence is not a free app. This quality develops realized. Happy people rely only on themselves, not shifting the care of their own lives on the other. Getting any help from outside, they always thank. And most importantly, these people know how to love, precisely define the purpose and direction of movement.

The purpose of life is the way that selects for himself every person. However, the biggest mistake most in search of happiness is that this way is more than setting the call of the heart. Simple set to acquire peace of mind of the average person looks like this: an idle life, high social status, physical property, financial independence, power. Entertainment, luxury, wealth is the joy that should not be too much. They evaporate as soon as the time comes glut. It's like candy. Couple of chocolate is delicious, but eat pounds, and will diathesis. With regard to a high position in society. Tempting prospect. However, no matter how high you were not raised, there will always be someone who is higher mightier. The same applies to tangible property: there will always be better off Rich. With regard to financial independence and power, with all the attractiveness of these things also can not be a panacea. Man becomes a slave to wealth and influence. 

Happy life is absolutely available to any person, the most important thing to remember a simple formula and apply it every day, not forgetting about the one element. Twelve components of happiness is love, optimism, sense of humor, a sense of inner freedom, courage, conscious activity, health, internal stability of the state, spirituality, positive outlook on the world, altruism and awareness of their purpose. Pessimists might argue that health can not be bought, that stability is not possible without financial independence that the world is cruel, and so surprising etc. It's their choice. Some people just like to be unhappy.

Happy people are able to live for today, do not look back, and do not fear the future. The past does not return, the future has not yet arrived. We can only affect the day today, and it is our duty to live it as if it was your last. Live in full force, then there will be no time to think about what might be yes not come true.

"Man is born as a seed. It can become a flower, or may not be. It all depends on you, what you do with herself. It all depends on whether or not you grow up. It's your own choice - and that choice has to do every second. Every second you're standing at the crossroads "- Indian sage Osho.

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