Our extremes of character accentuation

Our extremes of character accentuation
 Sometimes a man can say that he has a difficult character. Most likely, he too expressed some character traits. In fact, such people make up nearly half the population of the whole earth. Accentuation of character manifested when vulnerabilities are utilized nature. Another is called inadequate.

The easiest way to diagnose accentuation nature at a young age, in the future it may help in choosing a profession and make timely adjustments in education. You can learn a predisposition to drug and alcohol addiction. To a greater extent accentuation of character depends on the method of education and social situation. The causes may be overprotection and cruel upbringing and education of indulgence and even education in a fear of disease.

Divided character accentuation into 2 types: implicit and explicit. Hidden weakly expressed or not expressed at all, are the norm and are manifested only in difficult situations. Explicit considered an extreme variant of the norm with constant pronounced traits, regardless of the presence or absence of psychological trauma. Most of accentuation formed in adolescence and smoothed to a minimum with time. May occur only in cases of constant exposure to the weak nature of the place and become the basis of psychosis.

Man endowed with psychopathy, shows his character at work, at home, on vacation. Hysteroid psychopathy appears to attract attention to himself, schizoid - in an effort to loneliness, and at gipertimnye people in all conditions too energetic.

It is believed that express character accentuation man more gifted, brighter expressed creativity, children learn better. Accentuation depending on the nature of the situation can contribute to psychogenic pathologies or vice versa promote unique abilities.

The boundaries between normal people and accentuated personality virtually indistinguishable, and identify such people only need for an individual approach.

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