Know their own worth: we are respected as much as we respect ourselves

Know their own worth: we are respected as much as we respect ourselves
 How often we suffer from the fact that we do not like and do not appreciate. Emotions, feelings, support and understanding - that's what we need. But, unfortunately, many still can not get this from their loved ones. Hence - the resentment, hatred, reproach, emptiness. And then you start to blame their abusers: blame, hate, abuse, etc. In fact, often, we have to blame themselves for their troubles. We get only what we deserve, and as far as value itself.

Think about how you are about yourself, how often do you criticize yourself and what you'd like a change. Answer the these simple questions, you immediately realize how much you have in the so-called flaws and shortcomings that you yourself come up with that sit in your mind and prevent you love yourself. After all, surely the people around you really do not think so. For example, you do not like your nose, because it is not elegant and a little long. But what makes you think that it should be shorter? After all, if it was different, it would not have you. Just take your look just the way it is and love what nature gave you. And if some of the limitations (eg, obesity) live you really unbearable, then work on yourself and not get hung up and not generated by a complex.

Write on paper about what you have achieved in their lives and what they wanted to achieve more, describe their goals, thoughts and desires. Maybe you have completed a prestigious university, and learning was difficult, but you will still deal with it. Love yourself for it and start to respect. Or maybe you're drawing in the evenings excellent picture, but this one does not know. You - a talent! Catching creativity, you implement yourself as a person, you are creating something new, develop spiritually. And is not worthy even of your self-esteem? Think about what you want to achieve in life. The man who has goals, always much more confident of who knows what he wants.

Respect others depends primarily on you. Learn how to respect yourself and love yourself for what you have created nature, and what you have created yourself. Admire their achievements, proud of yourself, and in any case, never doubt their own abilities, even if you have someone trying to convince that you can not. Only then, when you learn to respect yourself, you will attract people who will be in the same respect you and love and believe in your strength, you understand and support in the difficult moments of your life.

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