Jealousy or envy professional

Jealousy or envy professional
 An interesting fact is that this emotion is a variety of names: "professional jealousy", "competitiveness", "sports enthusiasm," "passion for competition and competitions." But if you face the truth, then for all the above names lies one and the same common point: the burning jealousy of others' achievements and successes.  

Jealousy does not necessarily mean "bad", sometimes it can be very useful. For example, to motivate a successful career in the future and concentrate human efforts to achieve success.

The question is what dominates the "universal" sense: negative or positive, destruction or creation, and how to direct powerful energy in the right direction?

It must be remembered that if jealousy is constructive, it can be a powerful assistant career.

In the case where the successes and achievements of others provoke aggressive actions, which are expressed in a sarcastic barbs in a foreign address, with such zeal necessary to fight and eradicate it completely. In this case, you need to suppress the primary surge of emotion and think calmly. Also worth evoke a sense of calm and rational thinking and, of course, to begin active operations, which must be accompanied by a belief in yourself and in others.

Intrigue break a career. Escape or unreasonable dismissal are way out of a difficult situation. If you are jealous of others, you must make every effort to find a common language with envious. In this case, you have to be very careful not to allow yourself to relax, do not lose sight of the envious, to monitor the situation and be prepared for a variety of traps. It should be remembered, not without pride, envy and jealousy - a satellite of success and fame.

Out of the situation - not confrontation but cooperation. It is known that the perfect deal - one that will ensure victory for both sides.

Working together to achieve common goals has always been beneficial for all. It must be remembered that each person can turn from obstacle into an opportunity.

Acceptance or rejection, jealousy, or cooperation, team or competition - everyone decides for himself.

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