How to win the interlocutor

How to win the interlocutor
 Meeting new people is very important to immediately arrange for a companion. The ability to find a common language with a stranger may be required in many situations: when meeting with an employer, business partner or a relative of her future husband.
 In conversation necessarily call a friend by name, that you immediately place it to yourself. It is desirable to talk with a stranger to you man to know his name in advance.

Do not ask personal questions interlocutor plan, its financial support or carried by him or his relatives diseases. In conversation, do not criticize mutual acquaintances or friends, do not raise the tone of his voice and be sure to get a window of opportunity for the compliment. But, making compliments, know the measure. If you start openly to flatter the other person, you are unlikely to cause his desire to communicate with you further.

Try to talk about topics that are of interest to both of you. If the person with whom you are communicating, interesting breeding of domestic flowers, then you should not tell him in detail what fertilizers to feed you your favorite cactus. Try to find something in common between you. Perhaps both of you have children or you were in the same institute. This will help you avoid pauses and create new threads to continue the conversation.

Most likely, in a conversation you tap the points on which you do not agree with your companion. It may be, for example, methods of educating the younger generation, ways to attract investment or political forecasts. Naturally, both of you have the right to their opinion, so let us know what their arguments on these points gently and correctly, without disputing the opinion of conversing with someone.

Listen carefully to the interlocutor, and if he tells you about his achievements, sincerely admire them - this will also help arrange for you man. Show interlocutor its importance and ask for his advice in the matter in which he is competent. The man whose achievements you vote on merit, will be happy to meet with you again.

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