How to get rid of the fear of public speaking

How to get rid of the fear of public speaking
 Someone is difficult to speak in front of people because of the natural modesty, and someone becomes a hostage of various complexes. Sometimes these factors are combined into a conglomerate of evil at the same time taking into allies something quite unexpected. Anyone who has ever covered the fear of the public, it is useful to read our checklist for beginners speakers.

First - training. Practice using the recorder: Record your speech, listen, check weaknesses and work on them. Arrange a few rehearsals, the best - in the presence of other people. The more experience you have of public speaking, the more confident you will feel. Carefully consider the material, ask to look at it to someone else. During his speech, you should not have doubts the veracity of the information that you are going to present. In addition, re-work material will help to identify points of contention that may confuse the audience. Forewarned - is forearmed. There is a sense in advance to visit the venue.

The second - the same training, only psychological. If the upcoming public performance was initially seen you some stressful situation, practice conscious challenge of positive emotions. At first it will seem to mock, but gradually joyful state entrenched in the subconscious, and the fear will disappear. If you are concerned about the extent to which the audience will accept your statement, remember - to please everyone still does not work. Even if the performance is stunning, there is a certain percentage of the people it for one reason or another do not have to like. Also, this technique will help tune the use of affirmations - verbal formulas that under repeated form a correct way or the installation in the human subconscious. For example: "I love to perform! "Or" The audience greeted me with enthusiasm! "Create your own affirmations, based on traits and characteristics of your thinking. 

Third - remember that any fear, including fear of public speaking, accompanied by a splash of adrenaline and its effect different people act differently. Someone mobilized feels discipline, a burst of energy, and someone lost, panic, stiff. If you are "lucky" to be among the second, "burn" the extra adrenaline, do before the show a couple of simple physical exercises. To do this, use expanders, and in his absence - rhythmically, operate wrists.

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