How to forgive a lie

How to forgive a lie
 Lies, betrayal and treachery - virtually synonymous when it comes to personal relationships. When the lie becomes so obvious that a blind eye to it does not make sense (and forces), the question arises about the future of relations. If you decide to forgive the deception, but inwardly are still not ready for this, it is necessary to conduct psychological work on themselves and their perception of the situation.
 If you lie, you want to forgive, contrary to your attitude and perception of the world is likely to accept the deception, in principle, will not work. In such a situation it is better to think about the possibility of a rupture of relations than to break itself and try to forgive. Otherwise you risk to save the bitterness of betrayal and unexpressed resentment for life. Or should resort to the help of a psychologist.

Universal algorithm for forgiveness lies there. Depending on the psycho man, remission can occur in different ways: some quite sincere repentance offending someone wants revenge, and some completely satisfy short-term separation from fraud.

Anyway, to let go of the situation, you have to try to understand what prompted the man to lie to you. Having considered and evaluated the reasons which led to the deception might just be much easier.

Then comes the stage of the adoption of the act - a fact uncovered lies, deception has already taken place. No matter how painful it may be to change nothing will not succeed.

Take a break from the experiences gradually unpleasant incident will be erased from memory and the passage of time will not seem so significant and serious. If you plan to keep the relationship with the deceived person will have to forget about his lies and even thought not to return to it.

Your restraint and generosity and will be a manifestation of wisdom. If you manage to erase from memory misdemeanor, you learn not to reproach this person in the future. Caught in a lie certainly feels remorse and is likely to repent of their deeds, to ask your forgiveness. The constant accusations and humiliation once lied can finally spoil relations, so are on the verge of breaking. So either completely forgiving iniquity, or put an end to the conversation. Medium can not be here.

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