How do I know the nature of women

How do I know the nature of women
 Men are always extremely difficult to understand the true nature of his girlfriend. Many of the fairer sex do not understand myself sometimes. This character can be a woman shook a lot of conflicting each other masks, which have to get rid of for years. So how can understand the female nature?
 Comprehend the nature of the woman he loved infinitely. Each new day for you can open it unexplored facets. To know the nature of women, we must constantly live with her and pay attention to all the seemingly insignificant little things and details. It is of little things add up all our lives. Only without losing sight of the smallest details, you can compare her words and deeds, the wraps off a lie and analyzing her personality.

In addition, a variety of modern teaching, such as astrology, numerology, socionics, psiheyoga allow you to look inside the woman. Do not regret spending a little time and effort to analyze its essence. This allows you to quickly understand it. Also be sure your efforts will contribute to its own self-determination. One blow you kill several birds with one stone.

Useful to find out how to apply it to her old friends. They are familiar with it for much longer than you, so they should listen. Perhaps you will discover some new and interesting information. Also, pay attention to the fact in what way your fiancee speaks about people. According to the stories of the people around you can make a lot of interesting conclusions about the human character. In general, men often go unheeded most of the women's conversations, but in vain. If you do not show interest in her, listen to her and to analyze said, you never know what kind of person she is.

Therefore, ask your girlfriend how to more questions, please ask about her feelings and thoughts. Try to be her personal psychology. Just do not get into her personal space, secretly digging in her personal messages and recordings. You would certainly not like it if she behaved the same way towards you. When you will win her trust, she will begin to unfold quickly. Believe that many masks will be dropped as unnecessary. Most women are forced to hide their true nature because of the fear of pain and frustration, which can cause a man to her.

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