Everything about fetish

Everything about fetish
 Fetish is an inanimate object, which is endowed with any supernatural properties. In sexology it is the fixation on an object or part of the body to produce an orgasm without it is impossible to obtain sexual satisfaction. Fetishes are animate and inanimate, for someone one addiction may seem normal, but for someone it can be unacceptable.

By inanimate fetishes include various objects and materials. To animate body parts are human. They can be intrusive or moderate.

Many fetishes are the subject of recognition. For some it will be the car to someone clothing. Such items can also be attributed to a huge force (eg, amulets or talismans). As a symbol of worship can turn anything.

Body piercing is popular with people of adolescence and middle age (30 years). It may involve both a sense of metal in their language or in the navel, and he can kind of metal jewelry.

Male fetishes are vinyl and leather. Many men try to decorate your car with stickers made of vinyl, and some went crazy with the women, whose shapes are covered with leather clothing.

Also common in men hobby hands and feet of women. Men like these parts of the female body, and they are able to kiss and nibble endlessly them. A woman can not count on the attention of some men, if it untidy or unsightly feet or hands.

For some couples fetish may be water. For example, some love to have sex in the rain, others - directly in the pool or river.

Excite someone strapped hair or braids, someone bright lipstick, and someone who likes stomach, which does not necessarily have to be pumped. Some can not have sex without viewing porn or not seeing a couple making love. Some like it when during sex them someone spying. Fetishism pretty harmless phenomenon, but only in small quantities. When he begins to live and let live, it becomes an obsession, and affects the way a person's life, making it difficult to create his normal relationship, you should see a specialist in psychology.

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