Causes of female irrationality

Causes of female irrationality
 The woman - a mysterious creature, many of the actions that defy any logic. Her behavior is unpredictable and it is not clear, not only for men but also sometimes for herself. At one point, she can laugh and have fun, and the other - in her eyes already glistening with tears. And explain why it is so, it can not. Women's inconstancy is the reason for the emergence of jokes and anecdotes. Meanwhile, in such irrationality have their reasons.

Irrationality - a spoiled, unpredictability, illogic behavior, actions, and thoughts. It is this quality is attributed to all the girls on the planet. Indeed, the vast majority of the fair sex have unpredictable actions. Some of the women more capable of recklessness, some less, and only a small part of the girls holds male, thorough approach in all its activities, actions, utterances.

It is believed that women have better developed left brain, which is responsible for creativity, emotions, intuition. That is why women are more emotional. Furthermore, they nervous system is less stable, but more flexible than males so often different emotional states alternate. As a result, under the influence of the feelings they are able to commit such acts, which are in a quiescent state did not dare. This is one of the reasons for the illogical behavior of the weaker sex.

The second reason is unpredictable changes in hormonal balance. Female sex hormones can alter brain chemistry and the quality of his work, it is necessary that a woman could safely carry and give birth to a child. But fluctuations in hormone levels occur not only during pregnancy.

 If blood comes a lot of hormones, then there are mood swings, exacerbated all the feelings and emotions that a woman can become illogical and inconsistent in their actions, but with a reduction in the concentration of hormone changes and behavior of the girl becomes more calm and balanced. Of course, all women, these changes occur in various ways. Someone sensitive to hormonal changes, and someone almost does not feel.

Another quality female, which may be associated with irrationality, is intuition. Intuition - it predchuvstvovanie some situations, the behavior of a person. This sense of women is based on the fact that they are more observant than men to devote a lot of time and detail insignificant facts. Accumulating such knowledge gives women the opportunity to experience the best this or that situation. In this case, to explain why they think it will anyway they can. And this gives rise to others accuse them of illogical and irrational.

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