Can you give gifts?

Can you give gifts?
 Gift - it is a tangible expression of love, attention and participation. Indifferent to gifts not. Even if severe-looking man stubbornly insists that hates gifts - do not believe. Deep down, most surly man rejoices sincere gift, it's so nice!  

Giving gifts is correct - is a science, which is allocated separately place in etiquette. Impression of the most coveted gift may be tainted offensive award. For example, do not give expensive gifts to demonstrate their own well-being, and to show people that he is not sorry absolutely no money.

Yet it is not necessary to confuse expensive gifts friends or acquaintances. They may feel uncomfortable simply: to refuse a gift - to offend the giver, and take - be something obliged. Expensive items are giving the most near and dear.

By the way, according to the rules of etiquette gift must immediately open at all present. If you sent a gift or, for example, flowers courier, thank send a postcard, letter or phone call.

There is no doubt that the flowers - the most popular gift. They can even give the men, but only to those who are older or have held senior positions.

And it is not necessary to give? Never give something that is not useful to you himself. If the item is not found use in your home, most likely in another house he too will lie idle.

Women do not give make-up, better presented a gift certificate in the "ladies' beauty supply store. The woman will be satisfied, because she can find the right thing.

Precautions grant wardrobe items. In this case, it is desirable to know in advance at the hero for the day exactly what he wants to get the size, style and color of things.

Men do not give neckties - never guess not please. Give expensive alcohol, smoking can give a box of cigars.

For neutral and gifts include chocolate, chocolate candy in a beautiful package, exquisite cake, good coffee and homemade jams, why not.

If absolutely no idea, give money. In white unsealed envelope or postcard special place new large bills. Money - a traditional gift for a wedding, but if you're invited to people older than you or a close friend, it is better to give a useful thing than a sum of money.

Were and still are very popular gifts made with their own hands. Bound by you or mittens scarf not only warm the winter, but also tell you how much a person dear to you, because the creation of such a thing took a lot of hard work evenings.

Whichever you choose a gift, give it with a smile and an open heart, then he probably will like endows man.

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