10 advantages of solitude

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 Loneliness - a conscious choice for some women. Considering himself completely self-sufficient and valid, they totally reject relationships with men, and at the moment, and in the future. In doing so they will be able to point out a few advantages of solitude.

1. No man's jealousy. Jealousy beloved too much burden the existence of women. You try as little as possible to look at him, control his every look and every word, so as not to cause another scandal. Favorite can not understand your conversations with friends, during which there is a discussion of nice guys, but funny and cute antics generally banned.

2. Freedom of choice. You can afford bold accessories, open dress, any makeup, anything your heart pleases. Does not have to be afraid that you will hear again: "Where are you defiantly (open, bright) dressed? Someone was going to pick up? »

3. Freedom of movement in the apartment. In a place of honor in your life can take such wonderful procedure, as experiments to remove unwanted hair, bath foam, mud masks. You do not have to hide from their favorite during these sessions, or take a quick shower instead of a long pleasure in the bathroom.

4. Inventories survived. When you buy something tasty, you are sure that it dolezhit until tomorrow, and no one will make an attempt on your stock.

5. Any whim. You can watch any transfer of the most stupid and did not hear the comments and accusations, "found that the watch." The film on the other channel is incomparable with the guys running after one ball.

6. Say regime "no." You can easily pluck at any time and traveling with friends on vacation or to the country. You have access to chat with her friends that he did not understand and did not like.

7. Going carefully. He always gave you easily gather, and you hurriedly pulled on a first hit, because he is constantly reminded of the time. Now you can forget about the rush and prepare as much as you see fit.

8. Clean up for a much more pleasant. You terribly bothered him collect scattered throughout the apartment dirty elements of his clothing. No extra ironing and washing. The main task now - it's only crockery.

9. Green light diet and slimming. Now you can take on any diet and safely burn those extra pounds.

 10. Mass of free time, which you can use at their own discretion. Often go to the beautician, a solarium, spa.

"Loneliness" is quite possible to replace the word "self-sufficiency", because it is always possible to find a lot of nice. Be happy, regardless of whether you are alone or not.

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