What is NLP?

What is NLP?
 Agree, nice when listening to your words, when people perceive you is always positive, and in conversation with you the most honest. Say, this is possible only in a fairy tale? In fact, everything in your power, most importantly find the right approach to a person, and this will help you NLP.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), speaking the language of science, is one of many trends in psychotherapy and practical psychology, based on the technique of modeling human behavior.

And when it comes easier, the NLP - a tool capable to open many doors in the capable hands of a master. Not to be confused with neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis like him manipulators of human consciousness, as most examples of NLP is reduced to the banal politeness. In general, knowledge of programming techniques and help a person in employment and in the work itself. For example, a journalist without any NLP anywhere, because sometimes have to deal with a very closed and unfriendly people. Such a person will not say a word too much, and possession of NLP helps "shark pen" to talk with a friend and set it on the confidential conversation in a friendly manner.

By the way, surely you do not just have to experience for yourself NLP techniques. Sometimes, to get acquainted with a man and a half hour conversation, he becomes his "in the board." This does not mean that you have a similar outlook on life with your new friends, in fact, a person simply copies your same style of communication, so you insanely easy to communicate with him.

Of course, to master NLP techniques can only be attending specialized classes and honing the skill acquired skills take years of practice, but some basic knowledge of programming is very simple, and sometimes we use them without even noticing.

A simple example of neuro-linguistic programming are hidden commands. In fact, the hidden command is polite request. Compare: "Offer your seat! "And" Could you give way? ". Most likely, you will respond to the second request, because, firstly, you are treated to more polite; secondly, in the appeal contains information that you may (as best you can, you are capable of it) to give way.

In general, knowledge of NLP is always useful in everyday life: you will be able to establish relations with their families, to make peace with your loved ones, to calm the feelings of loved ones. These are just some of what is capable of neurolinguistic programming!

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