Ways to achieve consciousness

Ways to achieve consciousness
 Daily life presents us with a lot of problems whose solution requires not only time and effort, but also balance and awareness. Often, many of our decisions are based on expectations of other people or regulated by the established social order. It turns out that everyone in varying degrees, is a prisoner of beliefs imposed from outside. However, sooner or later, any prisoner thinks about how to escape from prison, break the vicious circle and throw off the shackles. With the understanding that you are trapped, begins the path to awareness, self-knowledge.

Regulation of society is such that every decent citizen must have an education, family, children, work, honor their parents, to thirty years to buy a car, but rather a separate housing. Once a person starts to deviate from the prescribed schedule, the system immediately issues a command that an error occurred and dared contradict begin to teach life, to teach the right way and all this is covered with a beautiful drape titled "I wish you good". In fact, nobody wants. None of your "teachers" at heart is not sure that he lives right in accordance with domestic law, but the feeling of fear does not conform to generally accepted standards and to drop out of society, fear of condemnation, forced to pretend that everything is going according to plan and better and not be can. Deep down, every one of them is afraid that you get close to the truth. And suddenly this something happens and you will be able to live your life happier than it was possible all taken together. This luxury one can not afford, and what kind of - or support and do not have to dream. 

The path to mindfulness - a single path. On this road there are no pointers and guarantees. Each step is done by touch. Be prepared for a meeting with ill-wishers and envious friends here, and if there is, it is a happy exception to the rule. In order to get to the end, have the courage and unwavering self-righteousness, to learn not to show fear and weakness. Once the mass of enemies stumble appear willing to peck, to humiliate, to express their "But we have warned you." Therefore, be prepared that the moments of sorrow have to worry alone. However, do not be amiss to note that the person or couple of people who would not deny and will not condemn it your most loyal friends, which should be valued as anyone else.

If you're ready for all of the above, it is necessary to begin with a complete detachment. T.e. understand that everything that someone said earlier, it may be a mistake. Need to calm down and work out their views on any issue. However, one should not confuse their point of view and the desire to do everything out of spite. On the contrary, all the stereotypes should be divided into two categories of "fit" and "unfit" for you. There are plenty of youth movements, who in the pursuit of freedom begin to deny all the existing ideas about the norms and ethics. Only in this case, they become slaves to another system called "I do not care for your opinion». Awareness is nothing to do with it is. Sufi proverb says: "The first part of knowledge - it is silence, the second - the hearing, the third - remembering, the fourth - and fifth argument - spread". Knowledge is not to memorize and repeat sayings enlightened people. Awareness is the ability to think, comprehend and then pass judgment on an issue. 

Indian sage Osho brought majority rule. It reads as follows: "Avoid impostors who decide for you. Take the reins of power in their own hands. You must decide. In fact, in these decisions is born your soul. When you decide for the other, your soul sleeps and ripped apart. When you start to decide for himself, life takes on poignancy. "

Try to understand what you want and actually follow their own way, not to stand in the way. No desire is given to us without the ability to implement it.

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