The strength or weakness of the weak force

The strength or weakness of the weak force
 Why do some people perform certain actions, and some - no? Often the excuse is lack of strength, both physical and moral. Lack of money, resources, and other acts as a barrier to achieve certain goals. Nevertheless, other people quietly step over these obstacles and continue to make their own.

Psychologists say that people often restricts himself thinking that he can not. Calling all the resources of power, we can say that men are justified by the absence of this force, even when they have one. But those who have such power, but there are strong psychological pressure, making every effort and achieve heights. This is what can be called the power of weakness, digging power of its own emptiness, building from scratch. It is worthy of praise.

But there are those who have completely different resources, but who lift a finger can not, or rather do not want to achieve anything. At the expense of yourself last, or by other such people reach the heights, but then just stop and start mentally lazy to do something. This leads to degradation as their "strength" and their personality. That is what can be safely called the weakness of force when people just enough, and they become, in some "vegetables", unable to have the fact of what they were capable of before.

So how does having the power of weakness, not throw yourself in the weakness of power? Should always bear in mind the weakness that was you before, you need to know the consequences of your inaction. Always aim for the top, and reaching, find a new one. This is the individual psychology that will not allow you to fall back to a flock, over which you have ever tried to rise. If we choose, it is better to experience the power of weakness rather than strength weakness. After strong as income, and morally, precisely because people and strong, that can be stored in this force, a willingness to act at any time. Here it is - the real power of man, the power of the person who will always lead you forward. Keep it, and you will reach the highest peaks.

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