The right to happiness!

The right to happiness!
 Right to be happy every person. But who produce it right? From demand happiness? Wise people know that the claims made or hidden, happiness can not be achieved by any relatives, nor of fate. So how do you get the most important?

The happiness we build ourselves, and this opportunity is at everyone. Perhaps, this is called the right to happiness. One could argue that all people are in different conditions, it is not fair: someone known well. So say those who believe that a better life, they need something specific that is at the other, and they did not get. However, the desired, really happy they become. Temporary satisfaction - yes, and then the appetite, and with them a sense of frustration and complaints begin to grow.

Happiness - a subjective concept, remember aphorism: "You want to be happy - be happy." Only understand it in their own way. Alcoholics, drug addicts, and other "mana", too, believe that the main thing - the feeling. But to obtain it using external sources. The result is a dependency. Short periods of "happiness" is replaced by a painful time of his absence.

Others went further. They just convince themselves that happy. Unfortunately, not all make it to the end successfully. Such joy, at best, is filling and short-lived, and then just the outer mask to others.

A practice set themselves goals and achieve them. And consider this happiness. Or do not achieve. Then they are unhappy.

Religion, philosophers and psychologists are struggling with the problem of happiness for many centuries, but a universal key, pills for happiness has not yet invented. In general, the law is there, but implements it in their own way. But some experience mankind has accumulated. Trite, but true:
• to prioritize;
• understand their needs and take into account other people's;
• Take responsibility for your life;
• realistic view of things;
• make an effort to achieve the desired;
• be optimistic.

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