Single women: the fear of being alone

Single women: the fear of being alone
 In the word "loneliness" lies so much pain and sadness, fear that makes even the most strong and independent women. But no less painful because of similar concerns to languish in an unhappy union.

Every woman realizes the futility and hopelessness of his own marriage is between a difficult choice: to continue unbearable family life or remain the same, finding the desired peace and tranquility. The difficulty of such a solution is obvious, because on one side of the balance responsibility for your own marriage, and on the other - the alleged loneliness.

Nevertheless, many women forget to share two very different concepts - "life is one" and "loneliness". Because you can feel alone and in the presence of her husband and apparently successful marriage, while living one, and being surrounded by children, friends and relatives, you can never feel this sorrowful feelings of loneliness, devastating and destructive every day. Therefore, taking a responsible decision to keep or divorce, should put to rest any fears and how to more clearly present their future life.

Fortunately, modern life is gracious enough to unmarried women of all ages. They did not catch on itself sidelong glances, the public do not feel pity for his failed personal life. Their ability, in fact, limitless - this career, a variety of dating and travel, and probably artificial insemination or adoption of a child. Such a woman may want to get all the good things of life, while remaining active, attractive and popular in his circle of friends.

But the woman feels its own solitude in its true concept, really unhappy. Not finding rather, without taking the trouble to find in his unmarried state is nothing attractive, she plunges into a deep depression, feeling sorry for his own failed life and thereby closing the possible prospects for themselves. Indeed, these are the realities of the time, that divorce for women often means unmarried position until his death. But perceiving the move as a universal tragedy, you can really "die" for the future, while standing still, and realize the bright side of life free as a new and unknown phase, which is likely to become an excellent opportunity for self-realization.

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