Sense of humor: why is it different?

Sense of humor: why is it different?
 Sense of humor - is a precious gift that was given to man by nature. It helps him to overcome the difficulties, obstacles, and to communicate with others. Also feeling a favorable effect on the health and psyche. No wonder that the claim that genuine laughter prolongs the life of man.
 A sense of humor is all different. Often joke that causes laughter in one person, cause only a slight smile at the other, and the third one would think that the joke went, and out of place! Representatives of the peoples also react differently to the same sense of humor. If the expansive emotional southerners some kind of joke may seem riding wit, the more phlegmatic northerners likely would react to it much more restrained. The difference in the humor and can be based on age. For example, a joke, seeming very cheerful father does not always seem the same to his son. Even the sex and the effect on the sense of humor. Very often anecdote, underwhelming man, only a little cheer woman. Why is this happening?

The reason is very simple. Does not exist and can not exist universal, mandatory standards for everyone humor. All people are different. Everyone has their own habits, temperament, hobbies, personality, due to different hormone levels, and especially the resulting education. Everyone has their own personal idea of ​​what is considered acceptable, ridiculous, and to what extent. Of course, a huge role in this is the mentality inherent in a particular people, its customs, traditions, lifestyles and living conditions. All this forms the relation of man to the ridiculous, to put it in the form unique to him a sense of humor.

Finally, we must not forget this fact: the idea of ​​what is considered funny with time changing rapidly. Not accidentally, in the preface to the Russian edition of the famous English humorist JK Jerome "Three Men in a Boat" said: "We know how rapidly aging laughter. Often what was previously caused loud laughter, and now will not cause even a smile. " Neither this be one of the reasons the notorious problem of conflict of generations? All this taken together well explain why a sense of humor in different people is also different. Different and can not be.

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