Refactoring in personal development

Refactoring in personal development
 Refactoring today is very relevant concept not only for programmers, but for those who are interested in personal growth. But what is "refactoring" as it is right to understand and use to improve yourself?  

Initially, the concept of refactoring used in programming. In simple terms, it means a slight change in the source code, which allows it when performing the same functions to be more understandable and attractive.

Refactoring in personal growth using about for the following purposes. So, it should help you to enter a new relationship, values ​​and habits of your old life.

Thus, refactoring must take place in three stages, which will include:
- Identification;
- To overcome;
- Reorganization.
What does it mean? It's simple.

First step: identification.
At this stage, a person must clearly identify the opportunities and constraints that prevent him to achieve them. For example, this month you can earn 2000, but can not three. Limitation here - the low-skilled. You can sit 100 times, and 150 no longer can. Restriction - poor physical fitness. In addition, it is very important at this stage not only to identify limitations in their personal development, but also to take a firm decision to overcome them.

Second step: overcoming.
At this stage you have to do all the things that will help you overcome certain limitations. So, for example, in the case of the minimum wage you can go for a refresher course. Or you can work out in the case of the squat. In this case, all the things that happened to you in your life before, in the bad side I should not. Permissible direction of these changes - the positive side.

Third stage: reorganization.
At this stage, the main question you should ask yourself is: "Do harmoniously inscribed something new that I have achieved in my life? ". In that case, if the answer is yes, do not worry. Otherwise, you should be aware that changes in you should receive only the best.

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