Really be happy

Really be happy
 Happiness - it's your own choice. You can do it anytime and anywhere. Control your thoughts and change ourselves in the right direction, then the world around you change.

When you wake up, be sure to tell yourself that life - that's fine, that this day will be better than the previous one. Do not forget that it is you in control of your life. So be sure that for everything that happens, you are solely responsible.

Rejoice and what is needed to go to work. Believe me, not all people in the world have the opportunity to work. In general, try to enjoy every moment in life, because it is unique. No need to dwell on the past or waiting for the future, live every minute of the time.

Love yourself for who you are. Believe in yourself. Make the most of your free time. Get yourself some hobbies and enjoy doing things you love. Remember that it is important to at least from time to time to deal with what is really a delight.

Do not torment yourself with financial problems. Do not compare yourself with others. Remember that all people are beautiful and unique.

Do not take yourself too seriously. Remember that life should always be present humor. Even in tough times do not forget about it. Smiling is also important to raise self-esteem. When you smile, your brain realizes that all is well. Exercise, because it distracts from the sad thoughts.

Forgive all who need to forgive. Because resentment and hatred do not allow us to be happy. Forgive those who hurt you, you get rid of your own suffering.

One of the laws of conservation of energy will return to you what you give. Give people love and joy, and you will get a response of love and joy. If you will be sending to the world of hatred, it will come back to you. Do not forget to praise and encourage yourself. Tell yourself that you are smart, handsome, etc.

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