Radical methods of neutralizing stress

Radical methods of neutralizing stress
 Stresses appear in the lives of almost every person, they are introduced in a measured way of life and are the result of everyday overload. To neutralize the negative impact can resort to radical methods.

Whichever way to neutralize the stress you choose, the mechanism of action is always the same: stress fighting endorphins, simply, happy hormones. How to obtain the coveted hormone?

Firstly: the most effective way - is to pamper yourself! Enjoy! Food - the fastest way to have fun. It would be nice to eat your favorite salad for lunch or a bar of chocolate, bake a delicious cake. It is important not just eat, and enjoy your favorite flavor! The main thing - do not abuse, overeating because even anyone to anything good does not.

Second, sex and exercise. The more your exercise, the faster you will experience mood elevation. However, stress is such a thing, that particular desire, in principle, to do something, it just can not appear. In this case, you must force yourself to elementary, and then it will be impossible to stop! You can do shaping, boxing, just go contend dumbbells, feet waving in front of the TV, looking at the video tutorials on fitness, do permutation finally ...

Third: because the stress - it is rather the result of negative experiences, then you need to find the logic output. What to do if you're angry? That's right! Looking for something to break. The most peaceful way: buy a pack pencils and break them with all the cruelty, or break a whole stack of papers, newspapers - in this case the damage is small and all are alive! Psychologists believe that this radical way to neutralize the stress approach, oddly enough, more women than men.

Fourth: call friends to gather in a cafe or a nightclub, a good hang out! At the same time and share: how did you work this hard week. After all, in fact, stress and all the problems associated with it, seem to not be as global as they simply say!

And the last resort to drastic measures - Arrange a extreme! Bungee jump, learn flying with parachute, dive under water, in general, do what you do not tend to, overcome himself. The brain receives a strong signal to the alarm, and then - adrenaline and endorphins all the same. Stressozamenitelnaya therapy today is popular all over the world. Go for it!

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