Psychology of the body. Corporal blocks

Psychology of the body. Corporal blocks
 Knowing the psychology of the body, a person may acquire such status as a high-quality comfort and harmony, to get rid of fatigue, stress, boost mood and improve life in general. The human psyche is entirely based on the health of our body. Acting on the body, we get a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.  

Most of us experience pain in certain parts of the body that accompany us through life. Sometimes we are able to remove them with medication, but not for long, and the pain comes back again, with even greater force. This physical blocks of the body, which will be triggered under certain conditions and factors. There are two types of blocks: basic and situational, which in turn are divided into parts corresponding to parts of the body.

We often meet people who have tense one or another part of the body, knowing them, we can better and more productively communicate. But you need to start with yourself.

Firstly, it is necessary to accurately determine the block in which felt a spasm and tension, it is necessary in order to work properly in the future, because the pain - is the primary evidence that at this point you are blocking the passage of its internal energy.

Secondly, identifies areas of muscular tension need to give vent to the feelings that people consciously or unconsciously tries to suppress. Facial spasms indicate that the person holds anger, fear or crying. Chilling pain in the neck - a cry, crying, anger. Breast disease speak about the suppression of hostility, frustration, helplessness. Aperture - this division of our feelings and actions, and the stomach is responsible for feelings of pleasure and fear. Diseases of the pelvis - is evidence that we are trying to suppress my feelings of anger, pleasure, excitement. Leg pain indicates instability in human life.

Third, when a person knows the area of ​​pain and what it does, begins intensive work on yourself. We must try harder Surrendering bad block for this mentally focus, "squeeze", and then let go. Further thinking about the reason for the pain, try to pass it through these bodies, try to keep the mind in a relaxed state. By performing these exercises, people gradually achieve unconscious muscle relaxation, and pain will go away. Thus, a person cope with the pain caused by the troubled unit. Having learned harmony of your body and spirit, it will be more fruitful to communicate with others.

At a meeting with another person can be determined by the problem unit. Then for a moment imagine that it hurts you and dramatically problematic place to relax at home, while the other person feel something like relief. Necessarily need to match the time of relaxation with your last sentence, and then the source will be located for you.

Knowing the parts of the body, not only facilitates their physical condition, but also strengthens your spirit and improves mental communication with other people.

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