Psychology humor

Psychology humor
 In the life of any person in one form or another's humor. He permeates the work groups, states, nations, and independent of political regimes and standards of living.

In difficult times of democracy, which is characterized by freedom of speech psychologists pay attention to the increased interest in humor as a method of direct communication among people. The abundance of television comic character, comedy, the growing popularity of writers humorists - is irrefutable proof of all of the above. Humor - plays an important role. To date, no publication of the periodic nature is difficult to imagine without the "island" element cartoons or funny jokes.

From the point of view of the psychological impact of humor - one of the most effective ways. Advertising often uses humor as a reliable means of influencing the mental consciousness of the people.

What does the humor in substantial regulation of relations between people and why people need a laugh? The answer is the same: to cause positive emotions. Psychologists argue that positive emotions give rise to the basic system of human motivation. Behavior is determined by emotion, and they also manage them.

There are other things that are also quite significant. From the point of view of psychology humor can be: a means of attack or ridicule; weapons; effective means to establish interpersonal contact; the transfer of certain information; reliable psychological shield;
These conditions caused humor, accompanied by different variants of laughter. The result - a significant impact on the change in human behavior.

There are many kinds of laughter. Laughter is a joyous and sad, angry and kind, stupid and smart, ingratiating and condescending, contemptuous and frightened, and encouraging abuse, timid and arrogant, hostile and friendly, simple-hearted and ironic, naive and sarcastic, rude and tender, wanton and meaningful, confused and shameless.

Psychologists note that the essence of humor gradually loses its flavor. It loses its sharpness. The fact that the halo of the ban is removed due to permissiveness.

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