Psychology and working with sub-personalities

Psychology and working with sub-personalities
 The modern world imposes rather strict requirements for the individual. To be successful and harmonious person must possess a certain set of qualities. In pursuit of these people re-read a lot of literature from psychology to esotericism. Does it make a deeper and broader our soul, to form or strengthen our "I"?

In different situations, we show the different sides of our personalities, different quality, different desires and feelings. Psychological conflicts often arise in man because mental processes - desires, feelings, emotions - scattered and even contradict each other (for example, the desire to eat tasty and a lot of desire to lose weight). These elements in each situation constitute something like a miniature person.
Founder of the theory of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychiatrist, psychotherapist and psychologist, called these disparate structures, processes or parts of the personality "sub-personalities".

Speaking in certain situations to the fore, subpersonality can direct the actions of a man thinking on behalf of the person as a whole, it has its own motives, often different from the lifestyle and motives of other sub-personalities. In the common space of the person can be an actor and thinker, seducer and lazy, good-natured and organizer etc. Each sub-personality is trying at all costs to meet their needs, desires to realize, even destructive ways. This process takes place unconsciously.

So often have a situation where the decision or action is further desirable, there is a feeling: "I do not want to, but again did." Made was dictated by some ulterior motives or fear. A person believes that he is acting as a whole person, but in reality it is controlled by only a small, received relatively autonomy of the individual. Ie subpersonality perceived as a relatively independent part of our personality. But their separate operation does not contribute to our integrity and growth.

Working with sub-personalities focused on awareness, acceptance, unification of disparate parts, so that there was harmony, inner strength; and comprehension of his true "I", revealing a unifying center of the personality, the disclosure of internal capacity. Change, transformation of at least one sub-personalities affects the whole psyche as a whole. At the same time, the basic idea of ​​the theory of psychosynthesis is to understand that the "I" and "my part" (body, actions, feelings, thoughts) - not the same thing. For example, "I" and "my anger" - are not equal, "I" feels due to the situation, but not identical with it. Understanding this changes the perception of their own suffering and allows them to develop a more positive attitude.

Working with sub-personalities - one of the main forms of work in the technique of Psychosynthesis. This appeal his gaze on the inner world, access to their internal resources. The method works at first involves the interaction with the sub-personalities that get into our field of vision. Communicating with them, we can keep the situation under control. By analogy with the structure of the whole person, the authors identify a subpersonalities three levels: the subconscious, conscious and superconscious. Subconscious - a level lower, animal energy, providing existence. Aware of a certain part of the "I", we are able to step back and watch her, it is often accompanied by a feeling of enlightenment and liberation, although there may be other emotions, fear, for example. But regardless of this, plus the fact that awareness increases, and increases the degree of freedom.

It should be remembered that there are no bad or sub-personalities It is well, they all express some vital part of our being, although at first these components may seem negative. Subpersonality become harmful only when control the behavior of the individual, peculiar to itself impose stereotypes. The ultimate goal in working with sub-personalities is harder to feel like the "I" as the center of the personality.

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