Play yourself to be yourself

Play yourself to be yourself
 How often we hear the phrase: "Be yourself." One would be so tough? But, nevertheless, most people not only do not understand what that means, but do not realize how to do it. After all, to be someone else is easier here, at least we know what to portray themselves from. But how do you know who he is you yourself, and, especially, how to be yourself?

There are people who strive for life seem better than they really are. That is, it seems to them that need to be better. They buy uncomfortable clothing that is considered fashionable, spend lots of money on expensive resorts because there go all smiles and jokes that did not seem funny to them. For some reason, sometimes we begin to think that everything that we like, can not be good or right. That's become spineless puppets, blindly following the fashion and the opinion of others.

What clothes hanging in your closet? A pile of expensive, perfectly tailored blouses, strict office suits and classic trousers? And if you need to go on a picnic that you wear? Sometimes in the pursuit of titles, career and reputation we forget about the simple life with its joys and disappointments. After all, in everyday life, no one is office clothes, because think about the fact that you bought, if not worked at all.

Be yourself - it is, above all, the ability to take responsibility for their own thoughts and words. Good and convenient to stick to people's opinions. But if you have your own opinion, sometimes to express it, takes a lot of courage. By the way, in a society people who know how to stand up for his words and openly express thoughts, quoted much higher suck and sponger.

It so happens that you do not know what do you think on this or that issue. Well, if you have a lot of time mutely followed the opinion of others, this is not surprising. Most importantly, time to understand what you are, after all, themselves feel, to understand themselves and then have to stick to their opinion. First, it can be quite difficult, but it is only the beginning.

Be a need, especially in relationships with loved ones. Often we want to cater to its second half, making something that we do not particularly like. It works only up to a certain time, and then one of you is sure to get bored. Believe me, it is much better to be honest and sincere, especially in regard to your feelings and emotions.

Human habits can work wonders. The main thing is not to get used to being someone else. After the mask sooner or later you will start to press, and this will necessarily affect the nature and health. If you want to live freely, stay yourself. Sometimes the play itself is much more difficult than to fulfill someone else's role, but such is life. Be honest, keep their individuality.