Personality Psychology: self-doubt

Personality Psychology: self-doubt
 Self-doubt is very prevents a person in the modern world. Fear to express their own opinions and decide causes that others are beginning to treat such a person as to the merits of the disabled. This means that no promotion, no success in sports or harmony in their personal lives such a person can not see.

So what to do if the self-doubt and fear of other people interfere with life? First you need to try to understand, why do you born in the sense of doubt in their own abilities?

Most often, our problems are drawn from childhood. If the school you are trying not to stand out from the circle of disciples, did not participate in the initiative, did not attend the Olympics, it is likely, and in adult life you were a man lack of initiative. But if it does not prevent you from living, why break yourself? If you have a favorite work, a post that you are quite satisfied, loved one nearby, then there is no need to remake themselves.

But if the isolation and shyness prevent you live, do not give to communicate normally with others, forced to sit on the hated work, because the other positions do not offer? Then it's time to pull myself together and do re-formation of their own "I".

These psycho will not take much of your time, but you will have to make enough effort, because your old "I", you nurtured since childhood, will be desperate to resist.

Where to start re personality? Determine what you are afraid and shy most? To express their opinions, for example. Why are you afraid of? Because you think that others will understand you correctly or be condemned. But as long as you do not share with them your thoughts, you can not know their reaction. Therefore, there is nothing to fear. Practice, to start debate with relatives, acquaintances, next to which you feel most comfortable. Well, you have not eaten? Then why did you decide that unfamiliar people for any other than their own opinion, pounce on you with his fists?

Repeat the experiment on the Internet. Sign up for the forum community, close to you with the same interests. Meet the members of this group, tie a conversation first. Then go from virtual to real communication. Change the position of the one that requires active interaction with people. For example, a sales manager. After a month of work on your timidity and shyness will vanish.

The most important thing - to begin to overcome self-doubt. After taking the first steps you will understand how much deprived himself, hesitating to communicate with other people. You will learn many new things, will find a huge number of supporters, close to you in spirit. You will no longer be bored in the evenings in a cramped apartment. Each of your day will be filled with unforgettable discoveries and unique phenomenon. Get out of the shell, open-minded soul! After all, as sung in the old song, "Only a brave sea obey."

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