On the secrets of happiness

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 Despite the opinion of one of the Russian classics, claiming that man is created for happiness, boasts a permanent stay in a good state of mind, not everyone can. But happiness - not a goal but a state of mind. Unfortunately, over the pile of daily problems, grains, of which it is composed, often go unnoticed.

Live in the present. Yesterday was in the past, along with the troubles and joys, do not torture yourself, over and over again in my head scroll negative experiences left behind. Fear of the future - and thankless job. After all, the problem should be solved as they become available. As a result of constant worry about the future or thinking about the past, you can have only increased anxiety and emotional discomfort. Therefore, the focus on the current minute, consciously and tasteful living it.

Smile. Do not let negative emotions take hold of you. Go to the mirror and try Scorch fun a face, give a person a joyful expression. Muscle memory will start to send the appropriate signals to the brain, but the mood a little better. Do not miss a chance to indulge in: Drive your favorite artist, a cup of cocoa or even a couple of hours of sleep a day will help to look at life with a positive.

Perfectionism - no! The desire to do everything perfectly and always leads only to frustration and discontent is. Moreover, perfectionists are just picky and loved ones, colleagues, friends. To live and work with such people seriously, because they tend to keep everything under control, and failure undergoing very painful. Relax! Constant desire to meet the level and keep the bar does not enjoy life to the fullest. After many pleasant and happy moments pass by. The main condition - to get from the things that you do, enjoy and invest in his soul, then an excellent result will not take long.

Be yourself. Of course, people - social animal. But sometimes the concerns of public opinion, fear of falling into the eyes of the team, family or even strangers, is too strong. Calmness and tranquility only! Learn to make decisions on their own, without succumbing to pressure from the outside. After all, you live your life, and then dispose of it only you can. Farewell Statement blunders and mistakes, remember that all comes with experience.

Thank you. Learn to appreciate what life gives you and the people around them. Accustomed to a comfortable apartment, good food and beautiful clothes, people stop to enjoy simple things. However, they are the foundation of human happiness.

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