Management Psychology rumors and gossip

Management Psychology rumors and gossip
 Each team is complete without gossip and rumors about employees. This is inevitable, as people spend most of their time with each other.

It is believed that the rumors are spreading women, but men are also susceptible to this. So who does it, and who needs it?

Gossip and rumors do not come just like that. There will always be people who run them. He is a good psychologist, knows weaknesses of each of the employees. He is like a spider sitting in the middle of the web, pulling the invisible strings and get the desired result. By acting thus, people can manage.

Knowing what to whom and when to say, man-manipulator to achieve the desired reaction from colleagues. Often he does it in order to recharge caused by negativity. Here is the place to be cases of psychological vampirism. He, as a director, realizing invented scenario remains on the sidelines and enjoy the show been played. Someone quarrel, someone make - all this affects the formation of microgroups in the team.

Such a man does not necessarily become the chief. They may be working at first glance not particularly stand out among others. However, it was he who provokes changes in mood in the team. Guide, knowing it may apply its ability in management.

Resist such people can not to be got involved in another gossip. Quite a few times not to yield to provocations of the manipulator. Realizing that the desired reaction from him you will not make it fall behind.

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