Life with a clean slate or Monday?

Life with a clean slate or Monday?
 Almost every one of us has ever promised myself to start a new life, and the date indicated by the following Monday, New Year, new month ... and few people could really change things, because over time the person returns to his comfort zone, with old habits and things.

The thing is that the decision to start life from scratch almost always rashly and impulsively. The man is simply not prepared to change something in yourself fundamentally, psychologically or in reality.

Dissatisfaction with their lives - only the first manifestation of an emotional, but to really change something, you need to seriously address this problem. And some uncertain date are not suitable at the time of the beginning, as the changes take place when the need, and it is here and now. Once you decide to change your life, it will begin to change.

First you need to clearly define your goals. For example, you want to move to another city as there is no more strength to dwell in it. Okay. Next to the motivation that this goal has calmed down again, write down all the advantages that you will gain if you change your life. The more detail and bright prospects for all people describe their ideas, the more likely that changes will come after all.

All plans are thwarted because people are not considering the possible difficulties, and when confronted with them already on the way, frightened, because there is no option prepared to overcome the problems. Therefore it is recommended to identify all possible difficulties, for example, you do not know how to say his decision to move or not parents are sure to find a good job in the new location. As soon as there is a question, there is the problem and the solutions.

To start something new, you need to finish what you have now. And if you forget to do this, eventually there was a problem will be added to the unresolved old and welcome the new life then just drowned under a crowd of these complexities.

Start a new life - it's not throw out the old one, not even looking at her in the trail. This is the end of one phase and the beginning of a new, and how you complete your life past, depends on how to start a new life.

Starting life with a clean slate is not necessary to make a mistake, suppressing their emotions and feelings about what is happening. No need to drown their artificial courage, because eventually it will run out, and what you conceal and hoarded in itself, spill at the most inopportune moment. All living here and now, and remember that any uncertainty or doubt is normal and understandable.

Fear is often the most important sense when it is decided to change his life radically. We look at the situation more soberly, see obstacles, feel the excitement, and here comes the fear that distorts everything as a lens. Now seem almost insurmountable difficulties, strange city - distant and cold, and we ourselves - small and helpless. And also close, which is terrible throw, add oil to the fire.

But the best way to deal with fear - look at him wide-eyed. Do not get lost, do not run away, do not hide it in yourself. Because if you give in to fear, we can never achieve nothing. And what can we say about such a big change in business as their own lives.

Please be strength and courage not just to change yourself and what surrounds you, but to improve it. And if you have a front seems happy new and interesting life, then you just do not have the right to go out of the way, otherwise the expression "life with a clean slate" can be your sad and unpleasant phraseology.

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