Lie detector, invented by nature

Lie detector, invented by nature
 People tend to cheat. In some cases, it serves as a kind of protection, in the other - an instrument of self-interest. Some of us lie difficult because of the inability or the relevant education, others on the contrary, it is not necessary to make amends for any work situation lies. Nevertheless, we are ever deceiving. Well, when a lie is a shame and does no harm to others, and another thing when cheating destroys lives and causes suffering. So what's the secret masters of lies and how to recognize the truth? Is a deliberate deception can not see or feel?

Talking to people, we are constantly moved to head the possibility of cheating, but not always on the right track. Good recognize false doctors, especially psychiatrists and psychologists. Their professional experience helps to distinguish healthy from the sick patient, is truth. However, we are not all psychiatrists, and not all know the basics of psychology. But if you hate lies and want to bring the conversation to clean water, pay attention to the behavior and the voice of the caller, it is in them lies the key to the truth.

The man at the time of deceit, without knowing it, says little to the side, trying to turn away from someone takes the closed posture (crosses his arms, legs), picks up some items, touches and plays with them. Intonation such a person acquires the monotony, and before answering the questions he makes a small pause. Facial expressions, like gestures, too, may issue a liar: Facial tension and appears ridiculous asymmetric smile, eyes narrowed, the person starts to blink more often.

Some people are speaking lies, instinctively raised his voice, the other scratching his nose, Teasing earlobe, corrected hairstyle. Particular attention should be paid to those words a man who scratches his throat. This sign is an indication of internal stress.

But even if you notice signs listed lie in his interlocutor, you should not immediately accuse him of flattery. Maybe your nose itches from the cold, and in the eyes something horrible, and you have to blink more often. Each suspicious situation requires careful analysis and in-depth reflection. Necessary to compare all aspects, including gestures, facial expressions, the meaning of the spoken intonation, analyze complex.

However, if you are lying or trying to identify deception in the words of another person, it is worth remembering that lie sooner or later disclosed and shall entail immediate loss of "credibility", which again is very difficult to get.

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