If you are infected ... problem

If you are infected ... problem
 In life, we often have to listen to the problems of others. At the same time, we often rejoice in our lives such problems do not arise. However, it takes some time, and similar unpleasant situation happens to us. Is it just a coincidence? Or maybe you just contracted the problem?

First of all, you should understand that some problems are really very, very contagious. The main of them could be considered:

The first problem is contagious - envy.
So many friends, to share with us their envy someone third awaken this feeling and we have. However, this will happen in the event that prior to the meeting and conversation you feel very confident. The fact that, after listening to a comparison of the friend with the man who made her envy you, unwittingly, begin to compare with him as himself. At the same time friend, for sure, you just told about the positive features of the object of envy. So, the competition is you lose.

The second problem is contagious - jealousy.
Suppose that your girlfriend suspects her husband of infidelity. Surely she brought you a lot of arguments on this matter and interviewed on the subject of the fact that all men are bad. It is clear that special sediment that conversation and leave you and you are likely to also begin to suspect and his wife.

The third problem is contagious - discontent man.
Showing you the dissatisfaction of her man and his cause, the girlfriend ("can not normally make," "Nail unable to score") thus draws a similar process and you. You are thinking and start "customize" under the frameworks of her husband. At the same time that you are in it previously appreciated, it may take a back seat and will only dissatisfaction.

But it does not catch the problem?

 After the conversation take a hot shower.
 Do not use alcohol after talking heart to heart.
 Do not take other people's problems on their own account and stop all their attempts to understand itself after heavy conversations with complaints.

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