How to survive disappointment

How to survive disappointment
 Not all stories end in marriage. Before you meet someone with whom you will live happily ever after, it is quite possible that you will have to go through more than one disappointment. Learn not to make the same mistakes that failed relationship did not pursue you, and you will soon find your destiny.
 Try to get rid of youth extremism and rose-colored glasses to disappointment in the man did not become too strong for you to shock. Do not take the guy who just met, as your prince on a white horse. But usually learn everything on their own mistakes, so this advice is more appropriate for your future novel.

If you are already idealized their relationship, and then began to notice unpleasant traits in the young man, and you had to give up, do not carry their negative mood on the other guys. Look to the future with optimism - your prince is waiting for you to come! You do not want to spend a certain period with the person with whom you already have problems and conflicts?

Perceive this setback as bitter, but invaluable experience, which in any case can not be ignored. Learn to start and build relationships in a different way, look for a different approach, use the female wisdom and patience. Now is the time to calmly analyze your mistakes and to define more clearly for yourself what features you'd like to see in the chosen one, and what you abhorrent.

Remember the story of your relationship. Maybe your feelings were far-fetched and exaggerated? What frustrates you the most - what you have left, or that you made a mistake in a man? Do not be upset about the break, if a guy has disappointed you. And to understand people, you will learn!

Do not hurry to rush into a new relationship, as in the pool with his head, now you to anything new troubles that may arise due to haste. Do not look for a reliable serious young man in nightclubs and discos. Of course, the chance to meet him there, but it is not so great as to meet with a positive guy in a serious institution.

Do not close your eyes to the unpleasant incidents that have had a tendency to recur. Alcohol abuse, physical abuse, disrespectful attitude to you and insults - all this can not be tolerated ever. If you get rid of such a person, do not feel sorry about it. Disappointment pass, when you meet your love, your happiness, your sweetheart, your loved one!

Believe in this, as in something immutable. Lift your mood for shopping, visiting museums or socializing with friends. Find a good sports club, art cafe, or a group of people who share your interests, communicate more and not turn in on themselves. Positive people attract the same new friends, among them goes your destiny.

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