How to forget the unhappy love

How to forget the unhappy love
Love - a strong sense. But not always it is happy for a long time. In one day you can wake up with a strong desire to Scroll page has become a failed life and forget the unhappy love. How to do it?
While determination not melted with the morning mist, inspect your bags and collect all that is associated with your former lover - photos, music CDs, gifts on March 8 and Valentine's Day, notes, etc. Collect these attributes unrequited love in a bag and take it to the nearest dumpster. Existing among the gifts of teddy bears and bunnies whose emissions do not raise a hand, give or distribute kindergarten kids from your home.

Those items, get rid of that you are not able, try heavily modified. On the sofa, for example, buy a new bedspread. Make a permutation in the room and renovate the interior cute little thing. All these steps will allow you to get distracted and forget for a while about the experiences.

Stop go to cafes, cinemas, clubs and parks where you've been with a former lover. Ask friends and relatives do not remind you of the last novel. Now you need to escape. Shopping, buy something that has long dreamed of a day at the beauty salon, go hiking with the company classmates, etc. All these activities will raise your spirits and fill your life with vivid impressions.

Find new friends and companions. This will help the Internet and social networks. Do not put the goal is to find love - communicate on a variety of topics, expand their horizons.

To fill the free time that you have spent on the earlier lover, come up with some enthusiasm. For example, join a pool, yoga or dance. Start learning a foreign language, or sign up for a course designers. Very well, if I can go on a trip and visit interesting places you've always wanted to visit. Recent positive emotions necessarily displace from your memory all the memories of unrequited love.

But if, despite your best efforts, you still have pain, try to talk to those who are worse than you. Spend the day at the orphanage or nursing home, talk to its inhabitants and help them as much as possible.

Do not let the pessimistic thoughts poison your life - you are free, all good just getting started!

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